10 Hollywood Hairstyles

Here you go. If you guys have any suggestions of good styling books, please let me know!

I am always on the hunt.




The Two-Tones Spring and Summer 2012

We’ve played some really cool shows so far in 2012. We are adding an upright bass player and we plan for some exciting music adventures in the months ahead!

Here are  some random pics from a few of our shows and also our customized guitar pickguards (tksmith.net).

My favorite movie for 1940s Hairstyles: Lady of Burlesque

Movie Poster for Lady of Burlesque 1943

I love this classic movie that was based on “The G-String Murders” written by Ms Gypsy Rose Lee herself. While is fabulous and the plot engaging, every time I watch it, I find myself studying the hairstyles and those fabulous skimpy outfits the gals wear. This movie has it all: a murder mystery, a love story and hilarious cat fights between the burlesque queens.

I’ve posted photos of some of my favorite ‘dos and have posted a few tutorials from the sought after book by Daniela Turudich, “1940’s Hairstyles.”

I am not every good at doing other folks’ hair, but I’ve gotten pretty good at doing my own. I’ve appreciated other posts like that have helped me play with styles. Nothing is better than achieving a look that I have so long admired!

For me, nothing has worked better than pin curls for 1940s styles.  I find they create the authentic look, hold much better and are more workable.

I have a quick excerpt on how to do pincurls. Technique is key… but patience and perseverance is the main secret!

Sorry the print is so fuzzy, please don’t go blind reading it!

Barbara Stanwyck, the "Ball of Fire" as Dixie Daisy wears half wave bangs.

Guide for setting your bangs

Diagram for setting your pin curls to create half wave bangs.

So now we gotta know how to make these waves. I must admit that I have not mastered this, but I sure have tried! I’d love pointers if anyone has any!

About making waves

More about making waves

And more waves!

Marion Martin as Alice Angel in pin curl heaven!

Ok, looks to me like Ms Martin’s hair was set in the stand up Betty Grable pincurl pattern and then the curls were brushed out for volume, rather than the tight curl. Parting is key in setting your hair. Part the front sides just being the ear and pin the back section of you hair behind your ears. Set the side sections all the way the side of the head… for this look in 2 rows of two pin curls. The back is then set starting the curls about an inch from the crown of your head, do 3 rolls of 4 pincurls.

The more curls you do, the more curly/voluminous it will be.

Then her hair was brushed out. The comb out is very important when setting with pincurls.  For more curl to stay, brush less–as you would comb out more to if you are trying to get a sleeker look.

Try what works for you!

Stephanie Bachelor as the Princess Nirvena with a sophisticated long pageboy

For this set, I’m using a lesson from the queen of the long pageboy:  Lauren Baccall–the wacky 1940s hat Stephanie Bachelor is wearing above is optional!

I hope this helped anyone who is interested! Oh! And I can’t stress enough how much of a differnce stand up pincurls. I just perfected this technique and it changed my life!!

If nothing else, watch this classic flick if you haven’t already!

Thanks for your time,


The Two-Tones

Leah and I have started our newest music project, THE TWO-TONES. A new CD is in the works and we will be booking shows very soon!!!

Here’s our Bio:

THE TWO-TONES are an exciting duo that pay homage to the traditional sounds of Jazz, Classic Country, and Rockabilly while putting their own unique spin on these genres.

JAMES GAUDETTE has been a staple in the New England music scene for over 20 years. He is an accomplished guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and music instructor, who has not only been formally trained, but has been taught first-hand from many of the original music legends of the genres he specializes in.

LEAH is a vintage songstress hailing from South Carolina whose sultry voice has been known to mesmerize audiences up and down the East Coast. She also holds down rhythm with acoustic guitar and percussion.

THE TWO-TONES have a love for all things vintage and strive to recreate authentic look and sound of the past through artistry, skill and meticulous attention to detail. They will transport you to a smoky New York Jazz club at 3 am, have you reaching for the nearest beer with their Honky Tonk stylings and hitting the dance floor with their raucous Rockabilly.

Check us out at:



Jim and Leah

What does “Atomic Panther” mean?

You might be wondering why we chose the name “Atomic Panther.”

When Leah and I moved in together we both always have wanted an “Atomic” age home. The Atomic age started in 1945, but we have always liked the look of home furnishings from the mid 50’s to the early 60’s. So we discovered we wanted our 1940 cottage to replicate that feel. It is a work in progress, and we’ll keep you posted in our finds and purchases.

We both discovered that we both have an unhealthy obsession with 50’s funky lamps, especially “panther” lamps. Leah already had a cool 50’s TV lamp and I had a little ceramic panther. We both always wanted a panther lamp with a jade green venetian shade…that was our first panther lamp we got together…until our one year old daughter got her baby hands on it!!! Now we have to put all our cool lamps away.

Well there you have it, that’s how ATOMIC PANTHER was born.


My ceramic panther

Leah's cool TV lamp (which I use now on my dresser)

A panther lamp with funky shade we bought together.

Our once-prized lamp that our 1-year old got a hold of....

We’d Like to Introduce Ourselves!

Hello all,

We are Jim and Leah. We are first and foremost vintage lovers, to what some may consider an unhealthy extreme!

We love vintage clothing and have a serious problem putting on the brakes when shopping for vintage.

We are always working on furnishing and adding vintage pieces to our 1940 cottage.

Currently, we are working on a music project together called THE TWO-TONES. Leah sings and plays rhythm guitar. Jim is a professional guitarist and accomplished music instructor, who specializes in rockabilly, blues, swing, gypsy jazz. Our sets are a mix of honky tonk, jazz and rockabilly styles.

Thanks for visiting us!