The Two-Tones

Leah and I have started our newest music project, THE TWO-TONES. A new CD is in the works and we will be booking shows very soon!!!

Here’s our Bio:

THE TWO-TONES are an exciting duo that pay homage to the traditional sounds of Jazz, Classic Country, and Rockabilly while putting their own unique spin on these genres.

JAMES GAUDETTE has been a staple in the New England music scene for over 20 years. He is an accomplished guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and music instructor, who has not only been formally trained, but has been taught first-hand from many of the original music legends of the genres he specializes in.

LEAH is a vintage songstress hailing from South Carolina whose sultry voice has been known to mesmerize audiences up and down the East Coast. She also holds down rhythm with acoustic guitar and percussion.

THE TWO-TONES have a love for all things vintage and strive to recreate authentic look and sound of the past through artistry, skill and meticulous attention to detail. They will transport you to a smoky New York Jazz club at 3 am, have you reaching for the nearest beer with their Honky Tonk stylings and hitting the dance floor with their raucous Rockabilly.

Check us out at:


Jim and Leah


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